M2I History

M2I Corporation will do the best to improve the reliability

and productivity by revolutionary product development and service



(1999-2000): Establish M2I Corporation and multimedia Lab.

The first launch of industrial HMI, TOP

Venture foundation certificates, install in elevator information system of incheon airport.


(2001-2004): UL/CE.FCC certificates, INNO-BIZ certificates

ODM contract with L company in Korea

ODM contract with H company in overseas



(2006-2007): XTOP series launching

Participate in hannover/shanghai messe

Massive installation in H company in Korea(Incheon, Cheongju) and china

Open Daegu office (Domestic branch)



(2008-2010): ISO 9001:2000, RoHS certificates

Installation in L company in Korea (P8/P8E/P8E+)

and S company in Korea(m16/M17)

ODM contract with P company in China and L company in India

Handy Type HTOP series launching

Move into M2I's new building



(2011-2012): Install in S company in Korea(T8), B company in China(B4)

and H company in Korea

Gyeonggi-do good work pace(GGWP) certificates

XTOP wide series(10", 7", 4") launching



(2013-2014): ODM contract with O company in Japan,

Massive instrallation to B company in China

ODM contact with M company in Japan

Sale qty amount 40.000ea/year, the largest sales ever

XTOP 10", 12" ATEX/KCs/NEPSI certificates

TOPR series launching



(2015): Installation in H company in Korea(M14), B company in China(B8),

S company in China(FIC)

Numerous installation of HTOP in H company in Korea, R company in China

XTOP 15" KCs certificate

TOP-PPC(Panel PC) and TOP-VIEW(SCADA S/W) launching



(2016): TOPRX series and TOPRH wired/wireless launching

Massive installation of TOPR and TOPRX series in H company in Korea(M14 P2)

and B company in China(B9, B7)

Mumerous installation of TOPRH in M company in Korea

KR, DNV certificates for TOPR



(2017-2018): Massive instrallation of XTOP(-Ex), TOPRX(-Ex), TOPR(Ex) in S company in Korea(P)

Massive instrallation of XTOP(-Ex), TOPRX(-Ex), TOPR(-Ex) in H company in Korea(M)

Massive installation of TOPRX and TOPRH in FPDs in China

TOP-PCVIEW 10", 12", 15", 17", 19" launching

TOPRW, TOPRE series launching

Sales amount 60.000ea/year, the largest sales ever


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